My dream is to see this page littered with hundreds upon hundreds of testimonies of what God did and what He is doing in your life; be it a story of provision, of deliverance, of healing or the restoration of broken relationships and marriages. You see,it is written that “They overcame by the blood of the lamb and by their testimony:” and the testimony is so beautiful and powerful in the way we often can relate to one another on the basis of our humanity. It is the realization when we hear what God has done for another that He is not a respecter of persons that births a faith in us whereby we trust God ourselves knowing that yes, He will do it for us.


So feel free to send an email, a video, an audio clip, whatever it is. There is someone out there who if they hear your story, what God has done for you that it will open the door for them to believe and receive out of the never-ending goodness of our Father.



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