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I will restore

The manner of post that I will share today will carry a tone I do not often carry; a manner of speaking that may be construed as many things, that can be many things but one that as I write in my heart I carry a conviction that is a manner which at times, even… Continue reading I will restore

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The language of love (2)

Love I want to continue today has a language both to the loved and from the one who loves. It is a language that is almost like music, that resonates within itself with tones of peace, confidence and freedom and I desire to share a bit more on this.Love is patient, it is kind,  it… Continue reading The language of love (2)


The language of love (1)

It is a bit of open secret that the society we live in today has problems. Divorce rates have sky-rocketed both in the world and in the church, cases of murder, rape, strife continue to fill our news headlines. Extremist goups, Boko-Haram, ISIS cause chaos everywhere in their attempt to bring the world to what… Continue reading The language of love (1)


2015 -A year for Redemption

At the start of each year, we are excited; we look forward with anticipation and eagerness to see what will be the defining theme that runs throughout that particular year. And it has been my discovery over the years that God also with time periods gives specific things or a message for the year so… Continue reading 2015 -A year for Redemption