Identity Test

So it is the end of year now and I just realised I a few blogs short of the yearly targets I sort of set for myself; in spite of at one point seeming on course to well break them (52 blogs annually just in case you are wondering). Reasons being many but one of... Continue Reading →

Strongholds (6) The will of God

Hi. So today I want to talk about the last stronghold that I intended to talk about on this series and yes it is about the will of God. More specifically, the incorrect perception of it that so defines life we have robbed ourselves of enjoying the benefits that come from knowing God. Whenever anything... Continue Reading →

Strongholds (5) Relationships

In this penultimate article on strongholds, I intend to talk of relationships. Primarily that between a man and his wife or concerning the sexual attractions that a young man seeking to marry will have prior to getting married and also maybe a little more on those interpersonal ones between friends. Do the following sound familiar... Continue Reading →

The Word of God Accomplishes what it is sent for

Many a time we as humans will take back our word. We will say I didn't mean that or I was only joking and the like. We will say or promise things we have no intention of fulfilling and as a result a trail of pain and heartache is often in our wake: the story of the promises we did not keep and the careless words we flung like gravel into our loved one's faces. But not so with God.Not a single word God speaks is in vain; not a single one escapes without a purpose or plan. There is a scripture in the book of Psalms that says Even above His name has the Lord exalted his word. At first I thought is a theological farce when I heard someone say even above His name has the Lord exalted His Word. It didn't think it made sense and it was technically blasphemy in my eyes. Now try to imagine how it blew my mind when I realised that actually it was a verse in scripture that if memory serves me right is actually repeated a few times in scripture. At that moment; the significance of the Word of God assumes a whole new dimension in your mind. The Word of God is more than mere words: it is the decree of an all powerful King of His will that no force on Earth, in Heaven and under the Earth can stop. It expresses how the most powerful being intends to exert His influence and for its execution; there is Spirit of God-He who hovered over the formless Earth and effected the execution of the word of creation: who overshadowed Mary and the virgin conceived and who saw to it that at the Word of Jesus, at that of the prophets before Him and the apostles and saints after was made to come to pass. Never is there a moment when without purpose the word escapes His mouth.In the book of Isaiah, the word of God is compared to the rain and to the snow (dew in another translation)-Neither of which can fall and fail to result in the joyous and sensuous response of nature; from the plants that become lush and green, to the refreshing sharp scent of rain on soil that is refreshingly surreal. It... Continue Reading →

The Word of God is a Light

A few years ago, a tv personality a favourite of mine at that time Dr Phil said during one of his talk shows that “Monsters live in the dark.” Through years of depression, low self-esteem, fractious relationships and pornography addiction, I personally got to know what this meant. However, I have also discovered that there... Continue Reading →

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