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#DoomProphet and #AnnointedSewage

​Concerning #DoomProphet and #AnnointedSewage I speak to believers when I write this:  We have witnessed some strange things over the past few years; from people eating grass to people drinking annointed sewage and having doom used as some sort of deliverance tool. Often, there is a knee jerk reaction that castigates such occurrences; both the… Continue reading #DoomProphet and #AnnointedSewage

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Invitation to testify

There is so much that is profound about someone testifying and telling their own story about what the Lord has done. I have myself many times felt intimidated and as if my story was good for me to know and just to experience as God's goodness towards me. Talking or saying something felt like it… Continue reading Invitation to testify


I think "Illuminati hunting" is silly (2)

So today I want to continue where I began today on my first post where I began and I just out right honest about the fact that I think Illuminati hunting is silly and on a number of counts, is more of a distraction than really anything productive for a number of reasons; namely:It forgets… Continue reading I think "Illuminati hunting" is silly (2)


I think "Illuminati" hunting is silly (1)

Typical Expose type image1Hi.So today I wanna talk about the "Illuminati"-the so called by some world controllers, elect members of a secret society that has control over the world; they are said to be in our songs, in our preachers, in business and the ones who own the money. Theirs is a so called secretist… Continue reading I think "Illuminati" hunting is silly (1)


Information 3: Without the results, the gospel ceases to be news but is reduced to a philosophy

HiSo I will conclude in this post on information and staying true to what I have been doing, I will start with a bold proclamation. Argument as a means to spread Christianity is probably the lowest and quite possibly the least inventive and effective means of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The revelation of… Continue reading Information 3: Without the results, the gospel ceases to be news but is reduced to a philosophy