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What if?

So I found myself lingering My mind fixated on a vision alluring My heart with a bursting passion burning? And the glorious result of it all from my heart refusing to go What if instead of sports in our hearts, it were the women in our lives? That when someone trash-talked them; to their defense… Continue reading What if?

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A lesson from Samson

So I was talking to a friend recently; and amongst the topics of discussion came up the issue of Samson---in particular, a few words she said got to me real deep. The question or statement in essence was this; when we read the story of Samson, and how he got himself shorn of his hair… Continue reading A lesson from Samson


Of Prayer, meditation and reading our Bibles

So today I want to talk about prayer; and reading our bibles; and meditation and all those things we know we need or ought to do but for one reason or another, it seems as though life has us by the tender hooks---as though we stand between a rock and a hard place. The necessity… Continue reading Of Prayer, meditation and reading our Bibles

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One of the reasons we are so susceptible to sin and why we do not take sin seriously enough is we are not convinced of the consequences of it." In another manner of speaking, we do not treat sin as seriously, definitively and decidedly as we ought to because we don't think it is a big deal and we do not think that we have a lot to lose.

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So as the second post of what is my triple-threat posting for today, I am going to say something we often don’t often hear, that may sound foolish to some but I honestly believe in my heart that this is write and that in this particular area of how we do life, we can only… Continue reading Disarm

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Why Me

Hi, I trust you are well and life is good. So today what I will be writing about is more or less a crisis post. This probably will not speak to you if right now you are celebrating and your life has been a roll of testimony upon testimony. This will not be for you… Continue reading Why Me

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Never Back Down

So I wrote this a while back; having listened to a number of amazing teachings on the subject of healing by Curry Blake. However, because it puts a requirement and a demand for a response from me, I kind of shelved away the essence of the message with a perception that what I needed was… Continue reading Never Back Down


What is the colour of a chameleon?

#ColoursofachameleonSometimes in life it happens that we face a challenge or we realise a problem within ourselves that really frightens us if we think about it; sometimes it may look so challenging you don't know if you can overcome it and if you are like me and struggle at times to believe people can love… Continue reading What is the colour of a chameleon?


I think "Illuminati hunting" is silly (2)

So today I want to continue where I began today on my first post where I began and I just out right honest about the fact that I think Illuminati hunting is silly and on a number of counts, is more of a distraction than really anything productive for a number of reasons; namely:It forgets… Continue reading I think "Illuminati hunting" is silly (2)


#Dark Places

So I know I have been quiet of late and I was honestly hoping it would not be that way. In my mind at it would have not been that way but not everything has been as smooth as I hoped. But in my mind, I have to admit I have not been as steady… Continue reading #Dark Places