What do you believe about yourself?

Somehow, insidiously, an inferiority complex had nested itself in my view of myself-I saw myself as missing an element, an elusive component I could not define, that would otherwise lead me to be effective in my role as leader both at home and work. I could conjure up the dream that said I would see exceeding and abundant provision from God, but I did not see myself as capable of taking the necessary steps to get there. In summary, I realised that I thought of myself as not enough-inadequate to meet the demands of either my current situation or the height of my dreams...

Never Back Down

So I wrote this a while back; having listened to a number of amazing teachings on the subject of healing by Curry Blake. However, because it puts a requirement and a demand for a response from me, I kind of shelved away the essence of the message with a perception that what I needed was... Continue Reading →

Information 3: Without the results, the gospel ceases to be news but is reduced to a philosophy

HiSo I will conclude in this post on information and staying true to what I have been doing, I will start with a bold proclamation. Argument as a means to spread Christianity is probably the lowest and quite possibly the least inventive and effective means of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The revelation of... Continue Reading →

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