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Never Back Down

So I wrote this a while back; having listened to a number of amazing teachings on the subject of healing by Curry Blake. However, because it puts a requirement and a demand for a response from me, I kind of shelved away the essence of the message with a perception that what I needed was… Continue reading Never Back Down


What is the colour of a chameleon?

#ColoursofachameleonSometimes in life it happens that we face a challenge or we realise a problem within ourselves that really frightens us if we think about it; sometimes it may look so challenging you don't know if you can overcome it and if you are like me and struggle at times to believe people can love… Continue reading What is the colour of a chameleon?


#Dark Places

So I know I have been quiet of late and I was honestly hoping it would not be that way. In my mind at it would have not been that way but not everything has been as smooth as I hoped. But in my mind, I have to admit I have not been as steady… Continue reading #Dark Places


Information 3: Without the results, the gospel ceases to be news but is reduced to a philosophy

HiSo I will conclude in this post on information and staying true to what I have been doing, I will start with a bold proclamation. Argument as a means to spread Christianity is probably the lowest and quite possibly the least inventive and effective means of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The revelation of… Continue reading Information 3: Without the results, the gospel ceases to be news but is reduced to a philosophy


Information 2. Can we really blame the world for being the world?

Hi So I am going to continue on the topic I began on information. So in the same typical fashion I began the last post, I will begin this one with a similar kind of bold statement. If Eve was truly aware of the the consequences of taking the fruit, if she had known that… Continue reading Information 2. Can we really blame the world for being the world?


Made Righteous (3)

HiSo this the 3rd and final part of the series on the series I begun concerning being made righteous; and what I intend to focus on is the effect that this will have on your life. As I said earlier, Heb 4:16 already pretty much sums it up---Let us then approach the throne of grace… Continue reading Made Righteous (3)


Made Righteous (1)

Hi Its been a bit of a while; and with me back and forth its not been easy keeping up but hopefully going forward as I learn to implement what it means to be effective in all that I do---for the revelation that the bridge between success and potential is discipline and that there can… Continue reading Made Righteous (1)

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I am not missing out (2)

So I will admit final year had my number; with the hectic nature of last minute project deadlines and assignments meaning I literally had no time to be here and sharing what I believe to be a good word that will bear good fruit in your life. My apologies.So today I thought I would wrap… Continue reading I am not missing out (2)


You do not have a clean slate

Its Easter; and whilst I have been extremely busy for a while now, I feel it very important and pertinent that I share with you what I believe the Lord wants to reveal to His people to free us from a law mentality into the fullness of a life of His grace. Remember how it… Continue reading You do not have a clean slate