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Who is she?

Who is she whose love is fierce Whose passion is undying And who has an unyielding prayer For me to succeed and do well? Who is she whose smile is dear to my soul Whose tears whilst they live on her face; In my heart awaken the flame of compassion? And whose pain so deeply… Continue reading Who is she?

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Valentine’s Day

​ So it was Valentine’s Day yesterday; and it may have been a great day or it may have been just like any other day. Whether or not one is a believer; that is not the reason I am writing this blog today. I am writing to the person who yesterday, maybe felt lonely; unlovely… Continue reading Valentine’s Day

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The language of love (2)

Love I want to continue today has a language both to the loved and from the one who loves. It is a language that is almost like music, that resonates within itself with tones of peace, confidence and freedom and I desire to share a bit more on this.Love is patient, it is kind,  it… Continue reading The language of love (2)


The language of love (1)

It is a bit of open secret that the society we live in today has problems. Divorce rates have sky-rocketed both in the world and in the church, cases of murder, rape, strife continue to fill our news headlines. Extremist goups, Boko-Haram, ISIS cause chaos everywhere in their attempt to bring the world to what… Continue reading The language of love (1)

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I am not missing out (2)

So I will admit final year had my number; with the hectic nature of last minute project deadlines and assignments meaning I literally had no time to be here and sharing what I believe to be a good word that will bear good fruit in your life. My apologies.So today I thought I would wrap… Continue reading I am not missing out (2)


You do not have a clean slate

Its Easter; and whilst I have been extremely busy for a while now, I feel it very important and pertinent that I share with you what I believe the Lord wants to reveal to His people to free us from a law mentality into the fullness of a life of His grace. Remember how it… Continue reading You do not have a clean slate