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Political Interlude 2

So today, I want to talk about politics; or rather; begin to talk about it again. But today, I do not have much to say; just one example that I want to give, and then from there go on a bit. Imagine you walked into a dark alley, pungent with the smell of rotting bins… Continue reading Political Interlude 2

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What if?

So I found myself lingering My mind fixated on a vision alluring My heart with a bursting passion burning? And the glorious result of it all from my heart refusing to go What if instead of sports in our hearts, it were the women in our lives? That when someone trash-talked them; to their defense… Continue reading What if?

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#DoomProphet and #AnnointedSewage

​Concerning #DoomProphet and #AnnointedSewage I speak to believers when I write this:  We have witnessed some strange things over the past few years; from people eating grass to people drinking annointed sewage and having doom used as some sort of deliverance tool. Often, there is a knee jerk reaction that castigates such occurrences; both the… Continue reading #DoomProphet and #AnnointedSewage

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Of Superheroes

Growing up I, like many of my peers, grew up loving cartoons and later on when my age and the realities of my world conspired to allow it movies. I mean, when movies like Spiderman, Batman and Superman where out, my heart would incessantly thud against my then smallish ribcage; excitement surging through each and… Continue reading Of Superheroes

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For God and for Gideon

Judges 8:23-27   But Gideon told them, "I will not rule over you, nor will my son rule over you. The Lord will rule over you." And he said, "I do have one request, that each of you give me an earring from your share of the plunder." (It was the custom of the Ishmaelites… Continue reading For God and for Gideon


Identity Test

So it is the end of year now and I just realised I a few blogs short of the yearly targets I sort of set for myself; in spite of at one point seeming on course to well break them (52 blogs annually just in case you are wondering). Reasons being many but one of… Continue reading Identity Test


What is the colour of a chameleon?

#ColoursofachameleonSometimes in life it happens that we face a challenge or we realise a problem within ourselves that really frightens us if we think about it; sometimes it may look so challenging you don't know if you can overcome it and if you are like me and struggle at times to believe people can love… Continue reading What is the colour of a chameleon?


I think "Illuminati hunting" is silly (2)

So today I want to continue where I began today on my first post where I began and I just out right honest about the fact that I think Illuminati hunting is silly and on a number of counts, is more of a distraction than really anything productive for a number of reasons; namely:It forgets… Continue reading I think "Illuminati hunting" is silly (2)


I think "Illuminati" hunting is silly (1)

Typical Expose type image1Hi.So today I wanna talk about the "Illuminati"-the so called by some world controllers, elect members of a secret society that has control over the world; they are said to be in our songs, in our preachers, in business and the ones who own the money. Theirs is a so called secretist… Continue reading I think "Illuminati" hunting is silly (1)


#Dark Places

So I know I have been quiet of late and I was honestly hoping it would not be that way. In my mind at it would have not been that way but not everything has been as smooth as I hoped. But in my mind, I have to admit I have not been as steady… Continue reading #Dark Places