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Upon Him was the Chastisement of our Peace

It is Easter Sunday today, and knowing or having attended a few Easter services and conferences in years prior, I assume that if you went today, you probably heard an uplifting and enjoyable time as you were reminded of the death, the resurrection of Christ and the guarantee and safety that that gives knowing He… Continue reading Upon Him was the Chastisement of our Peace


Danielle Cristina – Fidelidade (oficial) – Central Gospel Music

I have a song that I will be sharing in what has been a post stuck in my drafts folder for quite a while now and i hope in so many ways that this does not in any way sound weird. If it does, then I hope you soon crossover to this side of crazy… Continue reading Danielle Cristina – Fidelidade (oficial) – Central Gospel Music


Sometimes I feel instead of saying concrete jungles, we should go for concrete prisons

We live as we thinkHi. It is with heaviness of heart that I have been pondering on what I am about to share today. And even as I do so, I doubt I will be able to capture the gravity of the sombre cloud that rests upon my soul whenever I think upon these things… Continue reading Sometimes I feel instead of saying concrete jungles, we should go for concrete prisons

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So as the second post of what is my triple-threat posting for today, I am going to say something we often don’t often hear, that may sound foolish to some but I honestly believe in my heart that this is write and that in this particular area of how we do life, we can only… Continue reading Disarm


As a man thinketh…

Hi. So today I am going to attempt to a triple bill of posts that have been brewing in my mind and that as I have alluded earlier, I want to someday incorporate into a book. I must begin by admitting that of late, God has really been grabbing my attention to the reality of… Continue reading As a man thinketh…

The Will of God

Vain Imaginations

HiSo today I will be talking about casting down vain imaginations. I guess you could describe what I am sharing about in my post today as ramblings or as a concerted effort towards having a renewed mind and I trust you will enjoy reading this.  My text comes from the 2nd book of Corinthians as… Continue reading Vain Imaginations

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Be transformed by the renewing of your mindHiSo it has occurred to me, or the scales have fallen of my eyes and I have realised how profound, important and far reaching this statement Paul said actually is. From a simple understanding of English, or from watching the popular movie series of which I am a… Continue reading Transformed

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Another man’s blessing

HiSo today I want to talk about something that is real to a lot of us at some point in our lives if we are going to be honest and real. Something to be honest I rarely hear addressed and that subtly eats away in our hearts at our ability to take God at His… Continue reading Another man’s blessing

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2016-The Year of Fulfilled Dreams

So it has been a while before I have shared what I believe to be the theme for the year for this year but I trust nevertheless that in spite of this, the word will be fulfilled in all our lives as we see more and more of God’s goodness and trust even more in… Continue reading 2016-The Year of Fulfilled Dreams