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A dream fulfilled is a tree of life

HiSo today I am going to be expounding on what I shared as the year’s theme verse means to us in our lives, to our dreams and hopes for the year as we continue on this walk in life. As I will be sharing this as a message from the heart of the Father to… Continue reading A dream fulfilled is a tree of life

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2016-The Year of Fulfilled Dreams

So it has been a while before I have shared what I believe to be the theme for the year for this year but I trust nevertheless that in spite of this, the word will be fulfilled in all our lives as we see more and more of God’s goodness and trust even more in… Continue reading 2016-The Year of Fulfilled Dreams


2015 -A year for Redemption

At the start of each year, we are excited; we look forward with anticipation and eagerness to see what will be the defining theme that runs throughout that particular year. And it has been my discovery over the years that God also with time periods gives specific things or a message for the year so… Continue reading 2015 -A year for Redemption