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So I know it has been a while; longer than the one post per week target that floats in my mind since I last posted. Whilst that does not sound too good; I feel optimistic about what the rest of this year and the future holds. And that about introduces what I want to talk… Continue reading #FaithfulGod

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Prosperity is yours

The message that some distort and mistakenly call a prosperity gospel and that others dismiss as not being for the earthly walk has been complicated and twisted and so much has been added and removed that at times it doesn't make sense. However, of the things we have missed, I believe what it means to… Continue reading Prosperity is yours

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I will restore

The manner of post that I will share today will carry a tone I do not often carry; a manner of speaking that may be construed as many things, that can be many things but one that as I write in my heart I carry a conviction that is a manner which at times, even… Continue reading I will restore

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One of the reasons we are so susceptible to sin and why we do not take sin seriously enough is we are not convinced of the consequences of it." In another manner of speaking, we do not treat sin as seriously, definitively and decidedly as we ought to because we don't think it is a big deal and we do not think that we have a lot to lose.


Identity Test

So it is the end of year now and I just realised I a few blogs short of the yearly targets I sort of set for myself; in spite of at one point seeming on course to well break them (52 blogs annually just in case you are wondering). Reasons being many but one of… Continue reading Identity Test

The Will of God

The promise and the present

Hi, I hope this encourages you and brings you to a place of faith and confidence¬† in the goodness of God. Have you often stood, Looking at life but not pleasantlyLooking aheadBut seeing so little in hope??Is this it seemingly the one question on your heart?Are you still holding on Or long gone is any… Continue reading The promise and the present


Strongholds (2)-Our Response

HiSo today like I said earlier, I want to continue on the topic of strongholds, with a bit more on their definition and what in particular our response ought to be if we are going to see lives change and our culture transformed. As the name implies, even ever so slightly-the source of a stronghold… Continue reading Strongholds (2)-Our Response



Hi. I know its been a while; but I am back and hopefully more consistent in my posts from now on. If I must be honest, I am today a bit nervous. I face a situation I have probably never faced before in my life. After 18 years within an education system, today is my… Continue reading Changes