Jesus is my answer to 1000% inflation

I have been talking a lot about rest and trust in God in my recent posts, and today I will dwell on the same theme. The physical environment around me is depressing if one dwells on it. Unofficial inflation is pegged at over 1000%, 80+% of the working population is not formally employed and government seems to have no willingness to implement the solutions that are widely accepted as the ones that will work i.e. dollarization.


So I know it has been a while; longer than the one post per week target that floats in my mind since I last posted. Whilst that does not sound too good; I feel optimistic about what the rest of this year and the future holds. And that about introduces what I want to talk... Continue Reading →


One of the reasons we are so susceptible to sin and why we do not take sin seriously enough is we are not convinced of the consequences of it." In another manner of speaking, we do not treat sin as seriously, definitively and decidedly as we ought to because we don't think it is a big deal and we do not think that we have a lot to lose.

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