Circumstances Change; God Doesn’t

All around me, the circumstances of my country are changing. Prices are going up, hard currency is rarely there in most ATMs and panic buys quite recently were the order of the day as ghastly flashbacks of the hunger and torment that was 2008 motivated many a buyer to stock up just in case. In... Continue Reading →

One Outcome

Hi, so today I want to share something that has been weighing on my heart for a while now but I have not managed to be able to write. It is something that has given me freedom; that has allowed the flame of hope to burn brighter in my heart and is a lesson I... Continue Reading →

Strongholds (5) Relationships

In this penultimate article on strongholds, I intend to talk of relationships. Primarily that between a man and his wife or concerning the sexual attractions that a young man seeking to marry will have prior to getting married and also maybe a little more on those interpersonal ones between friends. Do the following sound familiar... Continue Reading →

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