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Sin-it is a battle we can win

Having spoken at relative length on the destructive and pernicious nature of sin, it would be unwise to end there; for in many ways that would only inspire fear. Sin is deadly; and it is because of 1 sin alone, the eating of the wrong tree that there is death, sickness, poverty and all the… Continue reading Sin-it is a battle we can win

The Will of God

Vain Imaginations

HiSo today I will be talking about casting down vain imaginations. I guess you could describe what I am sharing about in my post today as ramblings or as a concerted effort towards having a renewed mind and I trust you will enjoy reading this. ┬áMy text comes from the 2nd book of Corinthians as… Continue reading Vain Imaginations

Strongholds, The Will of God

Why Me

Hi, I trust you are well and life is good. So today what I will be writing about is more or less a crisis post. This probably will not speak to you if right now you are celebrating and your life has been a roll of testimony upon testimony. This will not be for you… Continue reading Why Me


Identity Test

So it is the end of year now and I just realised I a few blogs short of the yearly targets I sort of set for myself; in spite of at one point seeming on course to well break them (52 blogs annually just in case you are wondering). Reasons being many but one of… Continue reading Identity Test


Rejection—Quite a useless endeavour I find

Rejection; an eight letter word that is a noun of the word reject; wherein the Oxford dictionary defines reject as 1) Refusing to accept or agree 2)fail to show proper affection or concern for or 3)(of the body) react against a transplanted organ or tissue and that today is the subject of what I have… Continue reading Rejection—Quite a useless endeavour I find



Hi. I know its been a while; but I am back and hopefully more consistent in my posts from now on. If I must be honest, I am today a bit nervous. I face a situation I have probably never faced before in my life. After 18 years within an education system, today is my… Continue reading Changes


God is faithful (3)As in He is Faith-ful

Hi So its been a while since I have posted something with regards to this series I began sometime in February but today, I hope you will be blessed by the revelation I will share and that it will draw you closer to the Father who really loves you with an everlasting love. Many times… Continue reading God is faithful (3)As in He is Faith-ful