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Hi, today my blog-post is not intended as a solution or answer to anything or anyone; but it is merely me attempting to express how at times I have felt; as recently as a few days ago. I wrote as a poem, and if anyone resonates or understands how this feels please let me know.… Continue reading Loneliness

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Of Superheroes

Growing up I, like many of my peers, grew up loving cartoons and later on when my age and the realities of my world conspired to allow it movies. I mean, when movies like Spiderman, Batman and Superman where out, my heart would incessantly thud against my then smallish ribcage; excitement surging through each and… Continue reading Of Superheroes

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Political Interlude 1

We understand when it comes to marriage that a process of intelligence and wisdom is necessary in selecting a spouse; and for the greater part of it the body of Christ no longer arranges marriages for people and tells them to just go with it and perform the qualities of a good husband or wife… Continue reading Political Interlude 1

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I will restore

The manner of post that I will share today will carry a tone I do not often carry; a manner of speaking that may be construed as many things, that can be many things but one that as I write in my heart I carry a conviction that is a manner which at times, even… Continue reading I will restore


Sometimes I feel instead of saying concrete jungles, we should go for concrete prisons

We live as we thinkHi. It is with heaviness of heart that I have been pondering on what I am about to share today. And even as I do so, I doubt I will be able to capture the gravity of the sombre cloud that rests upon my soul whenever I think upon these things… Continue reading Sometimes I feel instead of saying concrete jungles, we should go for concrete prisons


What is the colour of a chameleon?

#ColoursofachameleonSometimes in life it happens that we face a challenge or we realise a problem within ourselves that really frightens us if we think about it; sometimes it may look so challenging you don't know if you can overcome it and if you are like me and struggle at times to believe people can love… Continue reading What is the colour of a chameleon?