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Sin-it is a battle we can win

Having spoken at relative length on the destructive and pernicious nature of sin, it would be unwise to end there; for in many ways that would only inspire fear. Sin is deadly; and it is because of 1 sin alone, the eating of the wrong tree that there is death, sickness, poverty and all the… Continue reading Sin-it is a battle we can win

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One of the reasons we are so susceptible to sin and why we do not take sin seriously enough is we are not convinced of the consequences of it." In another manner of speaking, we do not treat sin as seriously, definitively and decidedly as we ought to because we don't think it is a big deal and we do not think that we have a lot to lose.


Strongholds (2)-Our Response

HiSo today like I said earlier, I want to continue on the topic of strongholds, with a bit more on their definition and what in particular our response ought to be if we are going to see lives change and our culture transformed. As the name implies, even ever so slightly-the source of a stronghold… Continue reading Strongholds (2)-Our Response