Rejection—Quite a useless endeavour I find

Rejection; an eight letter word that is a noun of the word reject; wherein the Oxford dictionary defines reject as 1) Refusing to accept or agree 2)fail to show proper affection or concern for or 3)(of the body) react against a transplanted organ or tissue and that today is the subject of what I have... Continue Reading →

Information 2. Can we really blame the world for being the world?

Hi So I am going to continue on the topic I began on information. So in the same typical fashion I began the last post, I will begin this one with a similar kind of bold statement. If Eve was truly aware of the the consequences of taking the fruit, if she had known that... Continue Reading →

Information 1.—-Everyone from Hitler to Mother Theresa, I believe we share the same core desires

HiSo today I want to begin to speak about something that has been on my heart for a while now and that I must admit has been burning passionately in me for a while now to see the church come alive to for realising this I believe will empower us to begin to look upon... Continue Reading →

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