What Makes A Perfect and True Valentine’s Day Gift?

And what exactly makes a perfect Valentine's day gift? Is it the price tag written on it that says you are special? And therefore a $300 bouquet of flowers is better than a $30 one? Is it the uniqueness of the gift? Meaning that getting her a tailor made dress is better than the one at Edgars or Woolworths?

The Friendzone-Why Great Relationships Are Often Missed

But yet, the irony in all of this is to have an amazing marriage, a key cornerstone will be to be good as friends to each other; not just friends but best friends. In the friendzone, this friendship is there; the willingness to accept and love each other unconditionally and the missing part is supposedly "sexual chemistry." Ironically, these besties often do not want to lose their intimate place even when the other finds a good relationship but yet do not want to go out with each other because they are "friends."

Happy Valentine’s Day

believed in the beauty of what a relationship could be (I still do) and I held on to a conception of blissful companionship in the arms of a woman who would be to my heart. The thought of how it would feel to hold in my arms someone with whom I could completely be me---and have my "us against the world love story" would at the same time be an equivocating giver of strength and sorrow....

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