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Happy Valentine’s Day

believed in the beauty of what a relationship could be (I still do) and I held on to a conception of blissful companionship in the arms of a woman who would be to my heart. The thought of how it would feel to hold in my arms someone with whom I could completely be me---and have my "us against the world love story" would at the same time be an equivocating giver of strength and sorrow....

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What if?

So I found myself lingering My mind fixated on a vision alluring My heart with a bursting passion burning? And the glorious result of it all from my heart refusing to go What if instead of sports in our hearts, it were the women in our lives? That when someone trash-talked them; to their defense… Continue reading What if?

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Another man’s blessing

HiSo today I want to talk about something that is real to a lot of us at some point in our lives if we are going to be honest and real. Something to be honest I rarely hear addressed and that subtly eats away in our hearts at our ability to take God at His… Continue reading Another man’s blessing

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Stupidity (1)

I may sound a bit rough today and in the rest of this series its possible that I may offend with some strong language but I believe love is not all mushy feelings and there are times when what is spoken out of sincere love must hurt for as it is written, "No discipline is… Continue reading Stupidity (1)

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I am not missing out (2)

So I will admit final year had my number; with the hectic nature of last minute project deadlines and assignments meaning I literally had no time to be here and sharing what I believe to be a good word that will bear good fruit in your life. My apologies.So today I thought I would wrap… Continue reading I am not missing out (2)

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I am not missing out (1)

Hi.So I am going to address a quirky topic often unanswered in church and  I will be sharing knowledge that has been transformational to how I view sex and why we must wait. I will give a lot of credit to my church family for walking me through these realisations and  it has been joy… Continue reading I am not missing out (1)