Jesus is my answer to 1000% inflation

I have been talking a lot about rest and trust in God in my recent posts, and today I will dwell on the same theme. The physical environment around me is depressing if one dwells on it. Unofficial inflation is pegged at over 1000%, 80+% of the working population is not formally employed and government seems to have no willingness to implement the solutions that are widely accepted as the ones that will work i.e. dollarization.

Who is like unto God?

The backdrop of life in my country in acute uncertainty, things change and many times it seems not to make sense. To give a picture, or a sense of this, I literally do not know what currency we will be using at the end of the year, what value it will have or whether it will make sense to have savings in the bank or not. Queues appear everywhere, for basic things like fuel, mealie meal and of all things hard cash itself. Bank withdrawals for many are not enough to cover the return fare home, let alone suffice for monthly groceries and tales of gruesome crime by men wielding machetes are on the increase...

Prosperity is in no way a result of financial increase

Financial increase is a result of prosperity, but prosperity is in no way a result of financial increase. It is something I am at the moment struggling to find an expression for that quite captures this essence but something I hope this series of posts will address. In another manner of speaking, prosperity strictly speaking... Continue Reading →

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