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God Heard

The part that says "God heard the cry of the boy" jumped out at me, and as I took a few moments to reflect, i became profoundly aware that the story of Ishmael is to us, a testament of the abounding mercy and love of God. It is a glimpse into the workings of God that should give us confidence when we pray.

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Hi. I am back, after a tumultuous start to the year, and almost letting go of this viaion I have for this blog, I am back. Back with the quiet confidence of an athlete before a race: who breathes in and out slowly and reminds themselves that the arena is not where champions are made,… Continue reading Humility

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Happy Valentine’s Day

believed in the beauty of what a relationship could be (I still do) and I held on to a conception of blissful companionship in the arms of a woman who would be to my heart. The thought of how it would feel to hold in my arms someone with whom I could completely be me---and have my "us against the world love story" would at the same time be an equivocating giver of strength and sorrow....

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So I know it has been a while; longer than the one post per week target that floats in my mind since I last posted. Whilst that does not sound too good; I feel optimistic about what the rest of this year and the future holds. And that about introduces what I want to talk… Continue reading #FaithfulGod

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The language of love (2)

Love I want to continue today has a language both to the loved and from the one who loves. It is a language that is almost like music, that resonates within itself with tones of peace, confidence and freedom and I desire to share a bit more on this.Love is patient, it is kind,  it… Continue reading The language of love (2)


The language of love (1)

It is a bit of open secret that the society we live in today has problems. Divorce rates have sky-rocketed both in the world and in the church, cases of murder, rape, strife continue to fill our news headlines. Extremist goups, Boko-Haram, ISIS cause chaos everywhere in their attempt to bring the world to what… Continue reading The language of love (1)