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I have been saved by the grace of God. In the bible if one is to pick a bunch of the absolute worst people that Jesus dealt with, it is hard to think you could do worse than the Pharisees. They thought they knew God because they could quote scripture but when the man Himself passed by, they did not see Him. To a very large extent, that person can be described as me. History has a record of my years where you will find lying, a foul mouth, an addiction to pornography, pride, self-righteousness hatred and arrogance. A lot of people would have thought i had it all right but boy now do i know so much of me was the hypocrite a lot of us really hate: appears spotless on the outside but in reality is just a whitewashed tomb. Yet today I stand defined by the power of the grace of God. Out of darkness, God has sought me out and because of love, today I stand redeemed, free and forgiven.

Prisoner of Hope is in all honesty what I can say to be one of the most defining verses in my life, of who I am, who I have been and who I want to be. It is inspired by Zechariah 9:12 which begins as follows “Return to your fortress O prisoners of hope.” It is a scripture that I believed in without knowing, that carried me even before I knew it was there and now it is the one that defines this that is my ministry.  Often we believers act like we have it all together, like we never fell or never had challenges but I welcome you to something different, to a free and authentic place where not only shall I be real about my life, but even more so about the power of God against which no evil can stand.

May your visit to this site leave you encouraged. I guarantee you, my words shall be as the Bible says, full of grace and seasoned with salt, full of truth and light but with no condemnation; full of love and mercy for indeed, the greatest of all is loved. If you do not know Jesus, may my story lead you to a real encounter with a real and loving say to whose knock on your heart you will say yes.

May God be with you, may the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has redeemed us draw to himself, to greater consecration and to greater intimacy. May the communion of the Spirit be with you and may you always be firmly rooted and grounded in the love of my Father.

Welcome to life…….


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