Authentic, Humility, Thoughts


Is it real, the reason why you and me and the world cannot mix?
Are the things that pull us apart significant?
Do they really hold water?
The differences in colour and in dialect?
Maybe I am a man, you are a woman;
But does that mean we can have no conversation?
The fact that someone earns more than the other?
Maybe is more senior within an organization than the next person..
Does it really matter?

Because in the cold shoulder we give
And in the lip service we pay as attention;
The answer we give is yes
Yes, the fact that one has more money than the next means we cannot mix
Yes, men and women can only have limited conversation
Yes, if I am older, then I cannot really have conversation with my uniors
Yes, the difference in our tongue, tribe and dialect matter
But I ask again, are these differences real?

Or are they artificial constructs of a greedy world
That make us obedient to flimsy boundaries
And forget the foundation that is family
The roots that say we are all brothers and sisters;
Fathers and mothers to one another
And in the throes of our business;
It is such values we must never set aside
For in such values, are the building blocks for a resilient society?

I shall ask one more time
Are the things that separate us real?
Or are we become now blind to the things that really matter?
Obsessed with artificial lines that in a moment can disappear?



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