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Reflections of a Saved Man

Where would I be, had the love of God not found my soul?
Who would I be, had I not encountered an everlasting mercy?
What would I be living for, had I not discovered the freedom that is in His love?
In the collision between the hurt and the healer; my broken heart and his mending hands:
In the clash of wills; my foolish pride and sin on one end; and a resolute and undaunted humble love on the other
A new man has been born;
Set free by love, I am now His
Refreshed by mercy, I look at life with a smile
Resting in His love, I fear no evil
And confident of His assurance, I today can dream of what my life can and will be
A sojourn abounding with meaning,
An odyssey of new discovery, an existence where pauperhood is relegated to the children of a lesser God
And my life and my hands to another; the sharing of such a precious love

Would I be here though, were it not for the love of God?
Or would my heart still not be a fester of hate and anger?
Venting at anyone and I everyone I could?
Would my eyes still not be captivated by the lust of the eyes?
“Chasing skirts” as it were, in an attempt to prove myself a man?
And would my attention not be captivated by the pride of life?
Forever trying to prove myself with the fanciest of trinklets?
But never really discovering my true worth?
Or never knowing the true join to gain,
When to another I help end their pain.

Would I even be alive I wonder?
For I know how deeply I have wallowed in loneliness
Having a sad-song on repeat all day every day; 7 days a week?
Bottling the madness and the anger within,
And another soul, refusing to let in
It is a sobering thought I must admit;
Because honestly, I don’t know

But this one thing, I do know
That today, I am happy to be alive
That I once was lost; but now I am found
I once was blind, but now I see
A beauty and a strength in God that makes my heart adore Him
An unfailing love that has me by the crosshairs
And the unstoppable truth that I am forever welcome, in the arms of love.

Selah. lonely-man-app


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