I am Because We Are

I am because we are.
To everyone who has made me smile
Who has encouraged and comforted me
Who has done me good im any sort of way,
I thank you

I wonder where I would be without you
To everyone I call a friend, you are special to me
And the vulnerability you allow me to have with you is something I forever cherish
I honestly thank God that I have you in my life

To my parents and family, I love you so much
And I thank God for you always

Beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness for a cup of sorrow and laughter for the ache of loneliness is how God has made my 27. year journey look so far.

There has been great joy, but there have also been deep valleys
I have experienced plenty, and I have also known need
I am stronger today, at least in my mind, than I was then
And when I look to the future, I can see the pink sliver of a greater dawn rising on the horizon
I can only look forward for more in the next 27 to come.

Oh Bless the Lord oh My soul
Remember His loving kindness and tender mercy
For it is He who formed you
And He who does love you ever so greatly
Worship and praise His most Glorious of names.

#FeelingGrateful #IamtheBeloved #HeIsBiggerthanMe


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