Hearing God, The Will of God, Thoughts, Word of God

In the Beginning

So it has recently been bearing heavily on me that The Word of God is as important as the Bible says it is. Now that may sound crazy to say and admit: and maybe a better way to put it is I have a fresh revelation of just how paramount it is to speak life and not death I cannot shake it and I think my life will be much better for it. And I hope after me sharing this with you, yours will be to.

In the beginning; the Bible says “The Spirit of God hovered upon the face of the deep” and before this, “The world was dark and without form.” Imagine this-the all powerful Spirit of God, the all-knowing one who has power beyond measure was upon the earth; upon its entire face he hovered—suggesting intent to do or to see something, yet except a Word was Spoken by the Father, the Spirit did absolutely nothing but hover.

Did he not want to see beauty from this ethereal and fomless void? Did he not desire to see order restored from the fomenting chaos of the deep? And did He not desire to see life instead of death in this World that was created? And is He not all-powerful and fully God and was He not there?

It is a powerful revelation I believe if we get this—that when the Word tells us that life and death are in the tongue; they really are. Because in the very account of creation, we see that the Holy Spirit only moved and acted when the Word of God was spoken. Only then and nowhere else. But when He did move, he moved only as He could; bringing beauty for ashes; life from emptiness and demonstrating the full extend of His creative love.

This is therefore something to ponder, deeply and in a holy awe at—that He is the same Yesterday, today and forever-and that He will always move when the Word is spoken. And that when there is no Word, even though He is there, hovering upon the situation in your life: the disease that needs healing, the business that needs to prosper or the child whom the devil is trying to deceive into a life of lawlessness: that except we speak the Word of God, we will not see the Spirit of God move.

Because if we truly get that the Spirit of God will always respond to the Word of God, it will draw us to change the way we speak-to be bold in our declarations of our dreams, of our hopes, of his purposes in our lives and of everything that He has called us to be. Because indeed life and death are really in the power of the tongue and except the Word of God be spoken, we limit him to only hover.



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