Freedom, Hearing God, Hope, Thoughts


So today; I suppose I don’t want to go deep into explanations; but rather ask questions. Questions that I believe the answers to which are not only good points to think about; but that will give everything we do meaning; and to us the power and capacity to pursue our visions relentlessly.

To begin with; do you and I truly believe that we are not accidents of history; or merely the by products of our parent’s decision but that we are really wonderfully and fearfully knit in the image of God? According to his desire and purpose? Do we really believe that there is more to us and to ourselves than the flesh we can touch and see with our eyes?

Do we believe that we have within us the capacity to meaningfully interact with and influence the world around us? That our personal dreams and visions can claim a space to like stars in the sky; shine brightly when the accounts of history are given? Do we truly believe that indeed there is a reward to be obtained and a crown to be yearned for? A place that is real, an existential certainty outside of our capacity to imagine it-an everlasting reality whose reality will long outlive the temporary here and now?

Do we truly believe that God is good-and that He withholds no good thing from us. That He is a good Father who knows how to give good gifts to His children and to those who ask; that He is all powerful and that the devil hates us and desires only to steal, kill and destroy in our lives?

I could ask more; but I believe the ones above are enough to drastically change our entire lives when we get them right. And as I sign out for now, I hope I leave you asking yourself these questions such that when you get the answers right; you may know the joyous blessing of a life lived in absolute trust and dependance on God.


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