#Prophecy—a few thoughts

So this is not really my main blog for what I want to share today; but I believe it is something that ought to be shared in the light of so many people who share videos of their accurate prophecies and then those who for that reason want us to start sharing their belief or follow the person for those reasons. In two words, the long and short of what I have to say is Stop It. 

I am all for the supernatural; I am all for miracles, signs and wonders and I believe that wherever believers are, they ought to naturally follow-so no, this is not an indictment against the miraculous today. But I would like us to consider the story of Balaam-the son of Beor in Numbers 20-23 I believe. Everything he says about the nation of Israel is true; he is one of the first if not the first person in the Bible to proclaim that “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should repent” Nothing about what He says is wrong, and it is all true; but when the nation of Israel comes to the promised land, He is among those killed and the Bible records this.

In a later portion of scripture, He is described as one who loved profit more than God-even though concerning the nation of Israel, it was God who revealed to Him what the nation would be to its enemies. And this is sobering-because it simply means to me at least that the accuracy of a prophecy simply indicates that God speaks; but is not a confirmation of good character, a sound heart or the commitment to follow Him. The latter of which can only be seen from the fruit of a man’s life; and on which I simply pose one question—Does the man/woman draw men to God or to themselves? Because the former is the evidence of a true prophet; but the latter I will unashamedly say is evidence of a false heart.


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