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Political Interlude 2

So today, I want to talk about politics; or rather; begin to talk about it again. But today, I do not have much to say; just one example that I want to give, and then from there go on a bit.

Imagine you walked into a dark alley, pungent with the smell of rotting bins and cloaked with a blanket of darkness-lit only by the ambiance of the moon. And there as your eyes adjusted to the dim light, you saw as it were the figure of a man towering over a defenceless, petite woman whose body is heaving mightily with every breath she takes and every tear she cries. “Nooooooo; nooooo;” she screams, the pain in her voice eeriely cutting the silence of the night. It becomes apparent, obvious even, that this is a man trying to have his way with her-and you have just walked in on what could be a rape-case right before your eyes. And as you make your way to try to stop it; the man’s voice thunders and says “This is my daughter; and I have the right to do what I want!”


Because after this I have a few questions. Does the bestowing of authority give one the right to act unrighteously with impunity? To hurt whoever you want, whenever you want and expect no consequences? Does it mean as a believer you just stand by because the person “has authority” and you cease to stand for the cause of the defenceless and the helpless? Does it mean even when within your power, you stand by and watch because all authority is sent from heaven for the general good of man? Really people? Does it?


1433995050952 - Copy

I hope to begin a process in your mind where you start to ask yourself what really your role is a believer is today in a world that is political. I do not intend to provide answers, if you believe in Christ, then the Holy Spirit is available for you to lead you into all truth. I simply want to begin a process in us all where the veil concerning our role in a political world is lifted and we start to see what as the people of God we are equipped with to see the transformation of our entire world.



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