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What if?

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So I found myself lingering
My mind fixated on a vision alluring
My heart with a bursting passion burning?
And the glorious result of it all from my heart refusing to go

What if instead of sports in our hearts, it were the women in our lives?
That when someone trash-talked them; to their defense we would surely rise?
And that when we would speak; from our mouths the praises would not cease?
And also that when the case that another is better:
More beautiful maybe; more attractive, more sexy; taller, etc
From the commitment in our hearts we would answer:
“So what, she is not mine.
I do not care, everyone has their pick and even to my last breath,
My heart and affection is forever hers.”

And what if when with our friends we flirted with the idea of cheating
So immediate, so vocal and so firm would be the opposition
That abundantly the veil would be lifted
And with certainty we would know
That the very thoughts in our head we flirt with
Shall be henceforth be the reason I am to my own devices left
And without common ground I find myself a man alone
In the exact manner we treat the man who changes allegiance
From the team of his youth
To the hated cross town rival

And what if her shortcomings did not matter
Because it mattered more to you that you stood by her side
Than it did that she were picture-perfect
And in the midst of it all, we would be her biggest cheerleader;
Encourager-in-chief and shoulder to lean on always?
I mean, consider this; Liverpool fans still hope and encourage and cheer their team on
Even if they last won the league before I was born?

What if when into her eyes you looked
She could be at peace; knowing that in your heart;
For her an unquenchable fire burns
Fanned to flame by the firmness of your resolution
And encouraged by the unwavering commitment you have
To get to know her more; to fight for her; to defend her:
To insulate yourself to the watering that someone else is doing to their garden
And commit yourself to being there for her?

This I ask for a reason
For a few things I do know: a few convictions I unshakably carry
That for one; that sport is ephemeral,
Its significance is light
And if we can commit to one team for life;
Then for one who is made in God’s image can we not?
For one who has neither clone nor copy
Both in times past and times present
Can we not the same commitment and passion bear?

Are we incapable as some would want us to believe?
When to something as mundane as 11 men chasing a piece of leather
We can pledge an unyielding, undying and unrelenting commitment
Even in the face of humiliating defeats, and infuriating incompetence

Or is there a truth more sinister?
That there is a lie we have believed
That on foundations of sand stands
And when weighed and tried by fire
And all that remains as truth remains
It is truly in our nature as men
To be governed by virtue and chivalry
Commitment and honour
And it is to unworthy causes, that we have lent the best of our energy?

I must leave this as a question
And as I do so, please my brothers and sisters, this one question ask yourselves
What if???



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