Authentic, Faith, Freedom



It is the call of my nature

The cry of the human soul

It is all of me being fee

It is all of me unchained

It is who I am meant to be;

Unashamed and unafraid;

Withholding nothing

But giving everything



It is in the look of my eyes

It is in the beat of my heart

It is in the way I walk

And it is in the way I talk



It is my response to you

My response to the world around me

Where in my heart resides courage alone

And in the sound of my voice; hope resounds



It is the deep breath I take as I get ready for the stage

The swaggering shake of my torso

As to the field I rise;

And to my battleground I proceed



It is my arms wide open;

It is the compassion of my soul; wherein I say no

There is no such thing as a man unredeemable;

And it is this heart of mine;

That bold as a lion roams free and uncaged

Living, loving and caring

It is who I was born to be.




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