Authentic, Poem


Hi, today my blog-post is not intended as a solution or answer to anything or anyone; but it is merely me attempting to express how at times I have felt; as recently as a few days ago. I wrote as a poem, and if anyone resonates or understands how this feels please let me know.


I speak; and all I hear is the echo from the space around me.

My heart beats against my ribs and the sound of it pierces the silence

I look around me; it is a bleak blend of meaningless grey and wood

A door creaks slightly in the background-its muted response to the intermittent puffs of wind;

And its sound eerily loud in the silence that envelops me


I listen to my mind; scouring for a coherent and logical thought; but it eludes me

I am yearning; deeply longing for something that can consume my being

Something that can captivate me mind, body and soul;

An elixir to awaken my spirit to joy, laughter and singing

But I find none


I listen to my heart again; more attentively this time

And there is more than a heartbeat that I hear

There is a cry rising out of me with the fury of a raging river;

Unquenchable like the might of a summer thunderstorm; but as subtle as a duiker

It is a cry I fear; one whose sound draws from me a sigh of near defeat

For what it seeks and it hungers for; that I know too well


The laughter and smiles of company

The carefree, boisterous nature of camaraderie

The adrenaline rush from a shared experience to treasure for a lifetime;

The elation and deflation that arises in equal measure from competing just because:

The gentle touch of a trusted friend; the listening ear to hear all the rumblings of a restless mind

The authentic presence to lend meaning and purpose to the silence all around;

 image (1)

There it goes again: louder and more forceful this time

The cry for companionship; the ache of loneliness

Clawing away at my heart with the tortuous pain of a thousand needles

A pain and an ache whose solution is only partly in my hands; or at least that’s what reason says

Because in my heart, it feels as though I am powerless to alleviate it;

As if it is a burden beyond my capacity to bear; or my ability to solve


Shrouding me like a blanket; smothering me as if to snuff my breath out;

Is this monstrous burden of loneliness

Munyaradzi Goredema


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