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Today I want to write about persistence; an attribute that is sometimes called grit; sheer stubborness and the unwillingness to shift. The merriam-webster dictionary defines persistence as the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.


I guess as I write, I am plagued by questions that I have in my mind: Why is it so easy to lose sight of the mission? Why does apathy at times so easily become our friend that we forget the shimmering beauty of the shorelines of our dreams? Is it the logical nature with which we process life that when things appear not to go our way; or if there appears to be no shift that we fracture into a laggard acceptance of things as they are?


I am also curious; there is a question to which I require an answer. If persistence was a seed, then what kind of soil would it grow in? and what would be the water and the fertiliser? What would be the sun that energises the growth process and what could be the weeds and the pests in whose presence a bumper harvest is not possible?


I write now not because I have or remember all the answers-for indeed it is highly likely that I may have written about this before. I write because I have begun a journey on a quest for answers—answers I seek because I know that in persistence, there is always victory. And as I commence this journey, I would like to ask you a question; and please do feel free to comment and send a message with your thoughts. They are greatly appreciated.


What is it that if you had persisted with for a year, your life today would be drastically different? Another question then lends itself; what can be done to turn the story around; from a failure to persist to a point of victory?






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