Ways of God, Word of God

2017-Love Never Fails

So today, 24 days into it; I will share what I believe on God’s heart for me and for all who want to receive this. One may ask “Is God a God of confusion,” if one hears in every church or denomination what seems to be a different word from God for the same year. On the face of it, it seems a fairly logical question but in reality, it is not.

On which soccer team, or basketball team, or anything else that you enjoy that is done as a team, does the training, message spoken and encouragement given the same, without variation for each player? Does not any good soccer coach vary his method and words with the player as per need, makeup and responsiveness? Does he not shout at one but put his arm around the shoulder of another? It is a simple example that I give; but it is one that I hope evokes in you that awakening moment where you realise that God speaks to us as we are; not as the next person is:

When He speaks, He knows where we are, what we need and where we need to go. And if that is different from the next person (not in principle but in detail), then it is ok. For a more biblical example; consider the messages to the seven churches in revelations and the epistles to the different churches. They address believers, but they highlight and emphasize different matters as per the situation and need of the church. Hence, as I end my short treatise, I will share what is the Lord has shared for me. And if it resonates with where you are and what you need; my brother gladly receive it—God is not a respector of persons, what He did for one, He will do for another.

It is not very long really; and it is a simple promise—That this for me will be a year where I get to experience and know that indeed His love never fails. That in the love that never fails, we will see our dreams restored; relationships we had given up on mended and made whole; and that where doors seem closed we will see His love breakthrough. And also in this, is the promise of what we will become, that We will know His love that never fails and we will wear it like a glove as we reach out for the broken—that in the same manner a glove will protect its wearer from cuts, injuries etc whilst working on various paraphernalia in a workshop, so will His love be our protection when we witness and share His message where people really have set themselves up against Him.

It is simple but wonderful; a promise nested in 1 Corinthians 8; a sure promise from a kind Father that this year will be a year where I experience that His love never fails. ANd as I close for today, getting ready to explain tomorrow why it has taken me this long to have my first post for the year; I want to leave you dear friend with two beautiful thoughts about His love that never fails.

The first is this: love has no limits to what it can do; whatsoever is good for the beneficiary of the love; love will find a way within the means of the one who has the love to give it. And the second is this; it is HIS LOVE that never fails; HIS LOVE, not your efforts at self righteousness or pleasing God or earning a few brownie points. It is HIS LOVE, and for it to be love, it cannot be sold.





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