Loved, The Will of God, Thoughts

You are

Hey, you, may I have a few minutes of your life to tell you something about yourself? In this fast paced world where the ads all seem to tell me what I am missing and what I should have to be in and just how exactly I need that 1 more unnecessary luxury; I am asking for a few minutes to tell you about who you really are from the perspective of He who is your maker

You are beautiful: period
You are you, there have never been and there will never be copies
You are a bonafide original, one of a kind
There is absolutely no copy of you anywhere
You are unique, and uniquely beautiful
You are made in image of an invincible God
You are greatly loved,
The space God has for you in His heart is yours alone, it cannot be taken by anyone else
You are made with purpose
You were created for a reason;
To live a life of victory in the hands of a loving Father
You were created for intimacy;
You were made for connection
Loneliness, wonder about whether God cares or not—that has never been designed as your portion
Never sell yourself short; never belittle who you are
For it is a great God who Himself has wrought you out with His hands
And He makes neither junk, nor mistakes
You are valued with a price more than gold, more than all the wealth of the world;
The precious blood of Jesus, which is mighty to save
Know this my friend;
In His eyes, you are honoured even, and patiently He waits;
For that day and time when it dawns on you,
That you are indeed the portion of this exchange that He gets
And that this is a deal He is most happy to make
For in His eyes, you are precious and worth more than your very own weight in gold.


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