Authentic, The Will of God

Political Interlude 1

We understand when it comes to marriage that a process of intelligence and wisdom is necessary in selecting a spouse; and for the greater part of it the body of Christ no longer arranges marriages for people and tells them to just go with it and perform the qualities of a good husband or wife and expect it to work. Instead, we encourage both partners to learn discernment and to learn to choose correctly otherwise they will suffer for it.

NO matter how you spin it, even though it may be the will of God for you to marry, if you go on and marry an unbeliever you will be in self imposed trouble, and if you marry a quarrelsome woman you will find as the book of proverbs says to be misery. In this regard we today encourage wise practices such as group dating and youth activities for young ones to know each other and select for themselves a suitable, godly partner. The main thing which each needs being wisdom to know the qualities of a good spouse and in a sense of it work with God to bring about the realisation of a good marriage (if you don’t ask her out, she will not wake up tomorrow your wife).
Now given that we understand this, I want us all to realise that the same applies to politics and issues of governance. Politics is considered by many a dirty game, but I propose to you that this is only because dirty people have been allowed to play unchallenged. We know from the Bible that leadership structures are from God, for protection, order and retribution for those who do evil. Given that as in marriage the time for arranged marriages is ended, in leadership structures the times for monarchies and emperors is gone and as wisdom applies for the former, it must also apply for the latter. As much as our wisdom and participation will be necessary to see ourselves married to godly spouses, it is also needed to see we have godly and capable leaders in every sphere of life.
Because the democratic system puts into the hands of the people the power to choose their leaders, we need to realise that our participation or lack of it will affect the results of what we get; and that if we fail to obey the principles of God, what we get will not be God’d will. If you marry a quarrelsome wife you will regret it but at the end of the day you chose her and you cannot blame God for your failure to listen to the word. Likewise, if an untrustworthy person is voted to lead and you had the capacity to participate but did not, then the reality is your lack of participation is as much of a problem as the misuse of power that will result. Because you have a voice, it is your responsibility to use it and participate in bringing about God’s will to pass.
A discussion on the will of God is necessary because a lot of people believe that the will of God automatically happens every-time and everywhere; but this is not so; our capacity to choose and respond bears heavily on that. For instance, the Bible in Ezekiel explicitly states that it is not the will of God that any wicked person perish, but that they repent and come to life but still today many are perishing. God is in charge, He has all authority but the world is not under his remote control. Our actions will determine in so many if not possibly all instances whether or not the will of God comes to pass.
Therefore concerning politics, if us as believers are to see the will of God prevail, we cannot sit back and expect it to happen like dominoes that we just watch fall in line. We have a role to play which we need to acknowledge, embrace and fully engage ourselves in if we are to see what it is that we pray for come to pass.
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