Prosperity is yours

The message that some distort and mistakenly call a prosperity gospel and that others dismiss as not being for the earthly walk has been complicated and twisted and so much has been added and removed that at times it doesn’t make sense. However, of the things we have missed, I believe what it means to prosper and where it is we prosper are among the biggest losses, if not the biggest.
What I intend to bring to light in this series however, may surprise and shock some but I assure you it is sound and it will help you for in simplicity we find so much rest and power. I think I will cringe if I ever hear another preacher talking about prosperity in a certain gist where “God has to locate you, and fish you out of where are you are if you are to prosper.” Whilst I understand the reasoning behind this and why one might want to put it this way, this just is not the way God has described prosperity. It just is not.
God says “Whatsoever you put your hands on will prosper,” when He is talking of the blessing in Deuterenomy 28; and it is important we take this literally for only then will we realise how basic and rudimentary prosperity really is. We will see that there is absolutely neither need for argument and doubt as to whether it is God’s will for us and realise that when it comes to prosperity, it is not something to a mystical synergistic moment we must capture or lose or something for the sweet bye and bye, but that prosperity is actively what God wants us to live in now, in everything we do and He has already proclaimed such a word upon us that we have a blank cheque to prosper.
Joseph, Jacob and Daniel. All men to whom this applied and for whom many a country or a person benefitted on their account, because of the covenant that said they would prosper: even when in what honestly was the wrong place for them and something that they would otherwise have avoided. And since you can see Jacob there, you know this has nothing to do with any perfection on the part of these men but everything quite simply what God said.

SO if you want the long and short of what I am going to share more on concerning these men, it is this: You prosper in whatsoever you do, and that whatsoever is literal and applies to everyone at every station of their life; so long you are not doing something silly like gambling or pornography whereupon this whatsoever does not apply. Prosperity will look different for different people, but the chances line is if you are not prospering where you are, you are only suffering and not seeing the benefit of the word of God needlessly. Prosperity is for you, right now—where you are now, whatever you are putting your hands to.


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