Invitation to testify

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There is so much that is profound about someone testifying and telling their own story about what the Lord has done. I have myself many times felt intimidated and as if my story was good for me to know and just to experience as God’s goodness towards me. Talking or saying something felt like it was out of place, like it was not wanted or just the wrong thing and I wonder now how many people have such a wonderful story about what God has done but it is not shared out of fear or some other reason.


I think it is quite a lot and this is a tragedy because each and every testimony has amazing power to transform the life of another and inspire faith in others. Since this is an invitation more than a story, I will only bring your attention to one story that so highlights what a single testimony can do to a community. In Mark 5, a story also in Matthew 8, Jesus drives the Legion out of this one guy and the demons drive thousands of pigs down a hill. The town hears and full of fear and also mindful of the great economic loss of the area, the city folk asked Jesus to depart. Jesus does not attempt to fight or defend himself, or even present his case—he leaves but when the former demoniac asks to go with him, Jesus literally tells him to go and testify (Mark 5:19). That is all the man told the guy to go and do: not to preach a million sermons, nor to demonstrate superior bible knowledge and holiness. All He says is tell them what I have done for you. In today’s Christian jargon, all He asks the man to do is to testify. It says the man went and told his story in Decapolis; that is in Mark 5:20. The next time you see the name is in Mark 5:31 and if you read on to the next chapter, you realise that this next time when Jesus came, there were multitudes. Selah


So what I am now doing is setting up a page on my blog where I will feature testimonies of what Jesus has done. So feel free to send me an email at  or a message on the facebook page for this blog. Prisoner of Hope by Munyaradzi Goredema


Feel free to send and I will feature the testimonies on the blog. As crazy and wild or as simple and straightforward as it can be, it does not matter, as long as God did it for you, it is welcome and worth sharing.




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