The Renewed Mind


So I just listened to something that has really rocked me the past few days. It’s not like I haven’t heard it before but this time for some reason, it sink in. And it has been turning my mind over and over as I have realised that truly Christianity is not complicated. We may debate on whether or not it is easy, but in no way is it complicated.
And this simply is at its core, Christianity is a fight for what we believe; that it is at the site of its true battleground a war in the mind to believe what God says as absolute truth and therefore just live it. We are probably familiar with the scripture that says as a man thinketh, so is he, and that what comes out of our mouths or the fruit of our lives is merely the outworking of what goes on internally.

Another way of putting this is to the extend our minds have been renewed, to that exact same extend we see the victory and miracles that we long for. To that extend and no more. To the extend our minds are renewed in finances, to that extent we will walk in godly prosperity and to the extent our minds are renewed on the issues of sex and relationships to that extent we will see joy and love and freedom birthed in that area. You can think of anything you want to thing of; a hopelessly lost friend, a miracle we want to see in our bodies, a job we want to have, a business we want to begin or a family we want to raise. All of this and more, at the simplest, they have one core root intertwining them-the renewing of our mind to trust God. Nothing more complicated than this but a tool so mightily profound.

Entire books have been dedicated to the subject and indeed plenty more should be; for if our minds are renewed to see that we are forgiven, that we have been delegated authority, that we are heirs of God and that the Spirit is in us; and that we are truly the ministers of God’s reconciliation in this world, can you begin to imagine the scope to which this entire world will be shaken???


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