Strongholds (4) Money


So today I want to share on money,as a stronghold that has gripped the church and the culture as the only possible solution to whatever problems or ills we may be facing.

You probably know of someone who goes that little extra for money; who goes all out for the bills and in the process let’s go of good friendships, of good relationship with family and of their own peace of mind in pursuit of the green bills. And maybe its you—I for one certainly will admit to at times having an unhealthy lust for it myself myself—deceived by the allure that just a little more money and all my problems will be sold and other subtleties like money is the most important thing in the world and without it, you are nothing.

But friends, this is not so. Money is a resource, a replaceable one which one can simply learn to increase by good stewardship. It makes a good servant but as a master it enslaves and chains one in myopia—it blinds you to its inadequacies to satisfy the quest of your heart for affection which can only be done by good relationship first with Jesus and next with the people around you. As a servant, as Solomon writes—money answereth all.

As a church, I think on the whole we have a holistic view of money—mostly its either hushed up, and shied away from with the implication being it is bad, or an unhealthy pursuit where it forms the pinnacle, the be it and all of our lives both of which deviate from what we ought to see it as. Money is a resource, which is necessary to set things economically in motion. It is like what fuel is to a fire concerning what we need to procure and considering this as a natural law we need to recognise its importance and be unafraid to talk about it.

I believe it is necessary that as a church we excel in our ability to steward money—and maybe if i am to continue on that note, I believe the end time church will be financially well endowed, not just will but must if I must add if we are to effectively do the work set out for us. The discourse for this would be too long for this blog but I believe this to be true. The end time church must be well adorned and equipped for work and this I believe will necessitate a lot of funds.

But even with this purpose, it must be in context. Money is replaceable, but family and friends are not. Live, love and have family and friends always ahead of money for money is just a resource, towards you it can be multiplied—but not so people. You can always make up lost money, but you can never unsay cruel words that sting like gravel, nor can you unharm those who will be harmed by the consequences of what you do….

Be blessed…

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